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Getting Your Daily Fix of Culture

It seems I have started to write essays. Why now? I’m feeling an escalating pressure to write down my thoughts, both because the moment feels so urgent, and because I want to remember them. And really, who knows how long I will be able to write? Carpe diem, as they say. Continue reading

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Considering the Lyrical Essay

I woke up this morning thinking about . . . . . . and now I wonder what I was thinking about. I had the sense it was important enough to try to remember, to write down for further exploration. … Continue reading

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A Writing Practice: Book Reviews

On those days, not infrequent, when I feel diminished as a poet, I still have a sense of confidence in my ability to write a really good book review. It’s become my writing practice and my connection with other poets. … Continue reading

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Equinox and Equanimity

I haven’t written on this site since October, and I’m not sure how to proceed. I’m having a winter hangover today, but really wanting to feel alive and hopeful. I’m listening to various versions of Vivaldi’s Spring. Isn’t it amazing … Continue reading

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Hey! My chapbook, POSTHUMAN, finalist for the Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Prize, is available NOW for pre-sale at the amazing price of ONLY $7! I hope you’ll buy a copy! Posthuman (PRE-SALE) Praise for Posthuman from the editor, Michael Schmeltzer: … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Muse Checking In

So, I did it. I retired at the end of November. I will turn 70 in February and would have waited until then, but I had a higher calling; I traveled to New York to spend a month with my … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Musing over What’s Next?

It is, for me at least, a new year. Wishing everyone a happy Rosh Hashanah with hopes for a year in which we all move forward in all of the ways that we are able, hold on to one another … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning at The Poetry Cafe

My blogginess is lagging while I am concentrating on a new project, The Poetry Cafe Online- a meeting place where poetry chapbooks are reviewed. C’mon over! New Reviews up at The Poetry Cafe!

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Janice Gould, 1949-2019

Janice Gould, beloved Koyoonk’auwi (Concow) poet, friend, musician, and teacher, left our realm on 6/28/19. Headmistress Press joins with others in our grief at losing her much too soon, and our deep condolences to her beloved partner. We are proud … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Muse at The Poetry Cafe

I just want to say that the chapbooks people from many countries are sending me are amazing. There is a world of creative folks out there eager to have their words read. Not only is the poetry itself remarkable, most … Continue reading

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