Sunday Morning Musing over What’s Next?

It is, for me at least, a new year. Wishing everyone a happy Rosh Hashanah with hopes for a year in which we all move forward in all of the ways that we are able, hold on to one another in health and illness, and hang on to our own and each others’ goodness.

My new year starts with retirement in exactly 8 weeks. The scramble is on to apply for Medicare supplemental insurance and social security benefits. And then, at Thanksgiving, I am leaving my peninsula home for a month of family visits. More about that another time. But I am still looking for someone who would like to retreat at a lovely private home with water and mountain views in exchange for catsitting while I am away, in case you know anyone who might be interested.

And ! There are new chapbook reviews to check out!

I have a review and interview with Carl Phillips up at the Adroit Journal!

And there are new chapbook Reviews at The Poetry Cafe!

Guest editor Lenart Luhnd wrote this terrific review of Adam Deutsch’s chapbook, Carry On (elegies).

Guest Editor Siân Killingsworth wrote this fabulous review of Sarah Nichol’s chapbook, She May Be a Saint.

I am still looking for guest reviewers at the cafe. If you are interested, send me an email at:

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2 Responses to Sunday Morning Musing over What’s Next?

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  2. Sky Heatherton says:

    Risa, yhank you for being my PCP even though itvwas brief. Your spirit shines through… i wish you success
    As you lend your voice to tge universe

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