Sunday Morning Muse Checking In

So, I did it. I retired at the end of November. I will turn 70 in February and would have waited until then, but I had a higher calling; I traveled to New York to spend a month with my niece who delivered a sweet baby boy on 12/5/19. I returned and worked 4 days last week, so retirement is somewhat of a misnomer. I have let go of my panel of patients but will still be working in the clinic from time to time as a per diem staff. If you’ve ever had a provider (I’m a nurse practitioner) leave you, think about it in reverse. It was hard, people. Hard, but it was time. Also, I got a haircut.

My writing life was active throughout 2019. I continued working as an editor of Headmistress Press; published poetry book reviews at The Rumpus and other venues; started a website for publishing reviews of poetry chapbooks; had a few poems published, and the usual amount of rejections. In January I took a workshop with Aracelis Girmay at the West Palm Beach Poetry Festival; took a workshop with Carl Phillips in July at the Port Townsend Writers Conference; and spent a weekend with friends at Poets on the Coast. I have a manuscript that I am shopping around.

Upon retirement, I immediately thought about publishing an anthology of work by retired women. Poetry and short prose. Will need a snappy name for that, if you have any suggestions. Tentatively, I’ve got: Tired and Retired: An anthology of writings by women over 65. I’m looking for a publisher.

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10 Responses to Sunday Morning Muse Checking In

  1. Maybe “Retired and Inspired”?

  2. Martha Rosen says:

    Definitely ‘inspired’ rather than ‘tired’! And congratulations!

  3. Kathleen says:

    Congratulations on your retirement, and my love to you as you handle all the feelings related to that. Happy to hear about the baby! and all the projects!

  4. Steve Bunch says:

    How about “Never Done,” as in a saying my mother often used: a woman’s work is never done.

  5. OH! A Baby Boy! How wonderful for you Risa. πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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  6. donkrieger says:

    Dear Risa,

    I think your anthology idea is a really good one.
    Two presses I know which might support you are Main Street Rag and Autumn House Press.
    I think a more upbeat title might be worth considering although “Tired and Retired” is very clever.

    Best – Don

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