Hey! My chapbook, POSTHUMAN, finalist for the Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Prize, is available NOW for pre-sale at the amazing price of ONLY $7! I hope you’ll buy a copy!

Posthuman (PRE-SALE)

Praise for Posthuman from the editor, Michael Schmeltzer:

“Posthuman by Risa Denenberg is a warning and a wonder. The book begins on “a warm day in April” and ends with an ecological apocalypse. Smoke rises, oceans rise, Denenberg herself, however, “can’t rise up any more.” These timely and relevant poems lament the damage we do to the earth while it imagines a posthuman landscape where “bees / will grow fat and rejoice.” This book, though dire at times, displays a wisdom found by those who do not look away, who choose to witness the world on fire.

With a controlled voice and unflinching self-interrogation, Denenberg has written a book that is deeply personal, poignant, and utterly human.

Risa Denenberg lives on the Olympic peninsula in Washington state, where she works as a nurse practitioner and volunteers with End of Life Washington. She is a co-founder and editor at Headmistress Press, publisher of LBT poetry, and curates The Poetry Café, an online meeting place where poetry chapbooks are celebrated and reviewed. She has published six collections of poetry,  most recently, slight faith (MoonPath Press, 2018) and the chapbook, Posthuman, finalist for the Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Contest (2020).

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