About me

        Risa Denenberg, lives on the Olympic peninsula in Washington state where she works as a nurse practitioner and volunteers with End of Life Washington. She reviews poetry for the American Journal of Nursing; is a co-founder of Headmistress Press, publisher of books of poetry by lesbian/bi/trans poets; and is the curator at The Poetry Cafe Online, a meeting place where poetry chapbooks are celebrated and reviewed. She writes poetry book reviews and interviews with poets for The Rumpus, Cultural Weekly, American MicroReviews, Entropy, Broadsided, Adroit, and other journals.

Risa has published four chapbooks, and three full length collections of poetry, most recently,  slight faith (MoonPath Press, 2018) and, POSTHUMAN, finalist for the Floating Bridge Press chapbook contest.

Contact me at: risaden@gmail.com


5 Responses to About me

  1. Judy says:

    So Risa .. any chance you are the Risa who went to Takoma Park Junior High School? If so, life’s irony is that I have been working in palliative care for over a decade. It is my passion. Might be your old friend, Judy Peres

  2. Sharon Leigh says:

    Risa, your work is lovely. Very much enjoyed!

    Sharon Leigh

  3. Devon says:

    Loved your poem Elegy on the Mourning of My Death up at Psaltery & Lyre. I pre-ordered your chapbook Post-Human as I also am studying for the same course:

    “The whole lot must be coursework
    for something else—
    the way the body is water, yet manages not to seem so.”

    Best wishes, one poet to another…

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