Tuesday Morning Poem

I am not at risk

Today I am not at risk.
No one touches me now. It is my own choice. Or is it?
Was I ever at risk?
If you count the times I shot meth.
If you count all of the unprotected sex I had with guys when I was living with my             girlfriend but trying to get pregnant.
If you count all of the times I started IVs in the emergency room without wearing gloves.
If you count the six years I provided GYN care to HIV-positive women in the South Bronx.
If you count the time I got chlamydia in my eyes, since gloves don’t protect eyes.
Gloves only give the illusion of protection.
If you count all my losses, I am at risk.
I am at risk as long as there is an epidemic.
As long as people give and take viruses through acts of love or sex or healthcare or IVDU or violence.
We live in a world of illusions when we deny risk.
I live in this world.

I am at risk.

Published on 4/4/18 at HIV Here and Now-NaHIVPoWrMo




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1 Response to Tuesday Morning Poem

  1. Mark says:

    You are a survivor and we’re listening.

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