Sunday Morning Muse with a Surprise about a Book

My new book, slight faith, is scheduled for release on May 1st, but today, by chance, I found that it’s already available online at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. (By chance, you say? I was inslightfiath-frontcov-withbleed fact looking for it.) This means that if someone orders it today, they could receive it before I receive my copies later next week. My publisher, Lana Ayers (MoonPath Press) released it early so that I could have it in hand for a reading on 5/5/18.

Somehow the timing has fallen into place and I will be reading on KPTZ on 5/4 and then reading with Susan Rich and Susan Landgraf on 5/5 at Anna Quinn’s Imprint Books in Port Townsend.

It all seems very sudden at this moment, but the truth is, slight faith has been a part of my life for the past 5 years, going through its paces, revision after revision, submitted and rejected, picking up some semi-finalist spots and one finalist before MoonPath accepted it for publication in August of 2016.  And then waiting and more revisions and more waiting, and finally choosing a cover and then the production back-and-forth and now, here we are.

You probably know that there are a wide range of feelings when a book leaves  the nest and flies out into the world. Fear, excitement, relief. Today, mostly I am grateful. To Lana who has been a perfect editor and who rejected it once, but encouraged me to submit it again. To early readers including my co-editors at Headmistress Press, Mary Meriam and Rita Mae Reese. To Mary, who tirelessly searched for the perfect art work for the cover. For the nice rejection from Copper Canyon Press. To editors who took the time to give me feedback (thinking here particularly of Kelli Agodon, to whom I’m grateful for so many things). And of course, to the amazing poets who wrote blurbs for it- Susan Rich, Michael Schmeltzer, and Laura Foley.

And especially, I am grateful for all the outrageously fabulous poetry out in the world today that has inspired me, and thrilled me, and kept me almost sane in this crazy world.


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  1. njmotu says:

    Hey gorgeous! I can’t wait to get my copy!

    I sing with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington for the past 6 years. It has literally saved my life. We are the largest Gay chorus in the Country and considered one of the 10 in the world. Our annual “Spring Affair” is May 5th – it’s our largest fundraising event – raising $250,000 (25% of our annual budget.) A great deal of that money is raised at our silent auction. A little about the Chorus:

    – In March 2018, over 150 members of the Chorus embarked on its second bus tour, taking their “Make America Gay Again” concert on the road to spread a message of equality, dignity, and justice. The tour covered four states and ten cities over four days.

    – The GenOUT Chorus is the Washington, DC area’s first-ever vocal ensemble for LGBTQ youth and their allies. It operates under the two-fold mission: (1) to give young LGBTQA people a voice, and (2) to connect that voice to community. The ensemble is open to all singers between the ages of 13 and 18. Since its debut in spring 2015, the GenOUT Chorus has performed at the Lincoln Theater, the Kennedy Center, Washington National Cathedral, the White House, and the GALA Choruses Festival. Membership in 2017-18 includes over two dozen singers from sixteen schools in and around the DC metro area.

    – On June 2 and 3, GMCW will present “TransAmerica” – one of the most important shows they’ve ever done. Several of our members will share their personal stories, and there will be an audience participation. The show is a celebration and recognition of our Trans brothers and sisters. It is going to be beautiful, emotional and uplifting!

    To help with the success of the Spring Affair, would you be willing to donate a signed copy of “Slight Faith” for the Silent Auction?

    I know it’s a big ask – and I hate asking anyone for anything (so many therapy issues still to work through!) – but my thanks for your consideration.

    Also, I love reading your work!

    My best, Derek xoxo

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