Big poetry giveaway

Kelli Russell Agodon, over at her blog, The Book of Kells, is hosting a poetry giveaway during National Poetry Month, which on the West Coast, starts in about 3 hours. I love the idea, so I’ve decided to participate. This means that I will send two books of poetry to one lucky person, selected from among the throngs who respond to this post.

On May 1st, I will randomly choose a winner, and send you two recent books of poetry that I have fallen in love with:

Mean Free Path by Ben Lerner
Equal to the Earth by Jee Leong Koh

So keep those responses coming and you may be the winner!

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31 Responses to Big poetry giveaway

  1. what a great idea for poetry month!

  2. I have a very small following– so your chances of winning are great!

  3. margo roby says:

    I’m in — love your comment about a small following. hadn’t thought about that being an advantage!

  4. Miriam Lefkowitz says:

    Me too!

    (do I have to do anything else – write a poem or something?)

  5. Shannon says:

    Risa, out of 30+ blogs listed on Kelli’s blog, I came here first because the name of your blog made me laugh. Now that I’ve wandered around a bit, I think I’ll be hanging out here. What a rich and wonderful place.

  6. Jo says:

    Ooh, count me in too!

  7. Joyce, Chella, Kathleen, Margo, Shannon– thanks for stopping by. And thanks for staying a while. Happy poetry month!

    Miriam- you’re not obligated to write a poem, but I highly recommend it.

    Luisa- yes, absolutely!

    Jo, you’re in. But I’ll need some contact information for you if you are the winner.

  8. Ev says:

    Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks! evfhanna at gmail

  9. Please add me to your contest. You can contact me by posting on or entering my contest on my blog, address above,or you can contact me on Facebook: Opw Fredericks.

  10. Please count me in and feel free to stop by my blog for another chance to win.

    sandylonghorn dot blogspot dot com

  11. renkath says:

    Please add me to your list for the giveaway! (I am participating, too.)

  12. Please count me in, and thank you for doing this! (eldritch1313 at yahoo dot com)

  13. Would love to be a part of this drawing! I’ve got a giveaway going at my blog, too!

  14. Dhyan says:

    would be more than very happy to join your books cart
    thank you

  15. Renee says:

    please enter me, i’d love to win!

  16. Please consider me! :)

  17. Mary Virginia Cooley says:

    I’d love to get in on the giveaway – my name is Mary Virginia Cooley and my email address is mcooley(at)gustavus(dot)edu! Happy National Poetry Month!

  18. Angela says:

    Please toss my name in the hat! Thanks!

  19. Valerie says:

    Thanks for doing this giveaway and giving me a chance to win!

    I’m doing a giveaway over at my blog, too if you’d like to have a chance of your own.

    valphia at aol dot com

  20. Thank you for entering my name in your giveaway.

  21. Danka says:

    Please enter me in your draw. Thanks!

  22. is my poetry and performance blog.

    I want to be a winner!

    russell.evatt (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. Barry Napier says:

    Awesome. Enter me please. I’m doing this at my blog as well…swing by and enter!

  24. ace mulvahil says:

    want to participate in the Poetry Giveaway- hope i win the wonderful books!

  25. jama says:

    Hello and Happy Poetry Month!

    Please count me in!

    Here’s a chocolate chip cookie. :)

  26. Theresa says:

    Please count me in. Thanks for participating!

    theresaduncan101 at gmail dot com

  27. Please allow me to be (what I’m guessing is) the final entrant in your giveaway. I’m sad that I seem to be the only one to rush around signing up for the Big Poetry Giveaway at the last minute, I thought the Internet was full of procrastinators!

  28. Nandini Dhar says:

    Please count me in! Thanks!

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