For the second year, I am posting a poem a day at the Gazebo, the workshop where I have posted poems and read/commented on others’ poems for some years now. It’s a fabulous site with serious poets and lots of good feedback.

This year I think I’ll also post my poems-a-day here, you will find them in their own “NaPoMo” page. I keep a list of words that I find fascinating and I am choosing a word each day from that list as a prompt. Most of them are either medical terms or have some congruence with my work, so beware of the darkness. If you read them, keep in mind they are just drafts I am writing day by day. Last year, some went on to become keepers, others rotted in their pots. I expect the same this year. Also, I will be taking the page down at the end of the month. So enjoy while you may.

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