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Ode to morning pain

You live within its winnowing circle. “a dead baby in my cough” “a vaulting pole crushed within my spine” “scalding bits of broken glass inside my knee” “electric shocks delivered with a branding iron” “incompatible with having a self” “like nothing … Continue reading

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When I have the stroke, please let me go

Last week, I found out my potassium level was low. It was 3.1 (normal range, 3.5-4.5 mEq/L). I guess I didn’t realize how much this was affecting me—I’ve been extremely tired, even with 10 hours sleep every night, lots of … Continue reading

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>Killing me softly

>I was talking with my colleagues the other day about the new Washington State Initiative (dubbed I-1000 on this past November’s ballot)—the Washington Death with Dignity Act, usually referred to as physician-assisted suicide. The act went into effect on March … Continue reading

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