Sunday Morning Muse with 28 Poems and an Herb Garden

I had a bad week at work, or I should say a difficult week, since, truthfully, nothing bad actually happened. It just felt bad. Like I was driving a clunker, almost out of gas, miles from an off-ramp, behind an 18 wheeler going about 40 on a 55 mph highway. And more than just slowing me down, with me watching the little red gas pump light up on the dash, I couldn’t see what was up ahead.

I have, however, kept my commitment to write a poem a day all of April, and now I have 28 sonnets sitting on 28 pages, pretty as you please, waiting for the revisions to begin. Writing is the joy, the reward. Of course there were some very disappointing rejections to swallow, and, I’m afraid, more of those to come soon. I’m usually pretty tolerant of rejections, but I have to admit that when slight faith didn’t make the long list for the Suk prize, it stung. It’s been out for almost a year now, and it feels like its run is over without really getting out of the starting gate. Lord, I’m full of corny metaphors today.

It’s a cool sunny April day on the peninsula and my cats love me. I’m signing off now, to go outside to plant a container garden on the front porch.

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3 Responses to Sunday Morning Muse with 28 Poems and an Herb Garden

  1. jborenin says:

    I’m going across the street to the Writers’ Workshoppe & Imprint Books to buy a copy of, Slight Faith. I’ve had 3 rejections so far this week but I will be working with a publisher on a small book of poems in which a few of my watercolor illustrations will be included that will be out by the end of June.
    Keep the faith – it might be slight but it will do. Your poetry is appreciated. Thank You.

  2. jborenin says:

    Your poetry book, Slight Faith, sold out at the Writers’ Workshoppe so I special ordered one and Anna ordered copies for the store as well.

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