Sunday Morning Musings AND a New Website (Exciting!)

I’ve created a new website which I will be launching soon! Announcing (ta da!)

The Poetry Cafe” . . . a meeting place where poetry chapbooks are reviewed. It’s currently under construction at:

My intention is to write and publish reviews of poetry chapbooks. So,

  1. If you have a chapbook you’d like for me to review, please mail it to me at:

Risa Denenberg
60 Shipview Ln
Sequim, WA 98382


2) I’d love to publish contributor reviews! If you’d like to write a poetry chapbook review, you will find instructions on how to submit once the site goes live.

. . . and as for musings, I uncovered this list of things I jotted down somewhere that I thought I wanted to write about. It’s an interesting list, showing a certain frame of mind I may have been in at the time:

  • suicide notes, particularly Jumpers
  • earthquakes specifically “the big one”
  • Cosmology: constellations, seyfirt galaxies, singularities, ¬†gravitational waves
  • Dementia, aphasia, amnesia, failures of memory
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2 Responses to Sunday Morning Musings AND a New Website (Exciting!)

  1. onedressblog says:

    I look forward to your wonderful new cafe!!!

  2. jborenin says:

    Lovely! In June or July I’ll be sending you one of my own.

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