Sunday Morning A/muse/ment

Though not much in touch with popular amusements, I am touched by bemusement. I like to think of amusement as,  to be beguiled by the muse. And she is always here somewhere, waiting to distract me from ordinary thoughts in order to move me towards more ineffible states of being. 


Like the sensation I woke to this morning that tugs at me to write a poem with the word frottage in it.  I recall hearing this word from the lips of my first woman lover, perhaps I was dreaming of her? I now recall that it is an art technique, which also involves rubbing. The metaphors abound. 

And regarding 2019: I want to start a new blog for reviewing poetry chapbooks. I’m trying to figure out where/how to do this so that it will get some visibility.  I’d also be happy to buy your chapbooks, and review them. Please send me links and any suggestions you might have for this project. And what to call it?

And regarding 2018: Grateful to have survived this year and wishing everyone a better 2019. I am now 14 months ahead of turning 70, and sailing towards retirement. This is a theme I can’t quite wrap my mind around yet.  




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2 Responses to Sunday Morning A/muse/ment

  1. Martha Rosen says:

    I hope that you too have a better 2019 than 2019, dear not-cousin! I have all sorts of advice about retirement, should you be interested, although with the many things you will not be retiring from, I think you will weather it just fine.

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