Sunday Morning Muse in the City with Friends

I came to NYC to read from my new book, one reading Friday night and another this afternoon. It’s the challenge of writing poetry to find readers. But it would have been a lonely trip without catching up with friends here.  I had lunch yesterday with a friend that I haven’t seen in 20 years and it was delightful. I’m having brunch today with a new poetry friend and dinner tonight with another old NYC friend. I’ll be reading this afternoon at the G&L Community Center which holds so many (often sad) memories for me during the 18 or so years that I lived in the East Village. I love being in the city for a few days, but it’s exhausting. I do still have friends here, old and new,  and a high school friend now spends time here, so even though I didn’t catch up with her this weekend, I’m sure I will on another visit. It’s enormously comforting, after so many years away, to have friends and memories in the city. I’ve spent the last decade intentionally alone a coast away from family and friends, and I am more than satisfied with a quiet life. But sometimes I forget the context is that I do have family and friends on this coast that love me. That’s all for now.


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