Sunday Morning Muse with a Weekend of ‘slight faith’


On Friday, I was interviewed on the local Port Townsend radio station, KPTZ, by Phil Andrus,the wonderful host of a weekly arts show called Tossed Salad.  The studio is small and when you exchange places with the prior guest, which may be a group of 4 or more musicians and their various instruments, you brush against them to settle into the recording booth. Intimate and friendly, Phil pressed me with questions about faith, what did I mean by this term, how was I using it in the several poems I read during our interview. It’s so enlightening to discover what someone reading the work makes of it. It’s a little frightening, too, the sense of letting go of the poems to float into the realm of someone else’s thought bubbles. You send your kid off to college and hope he does well without your hand-holding.

Yesterday, Saturday, I read from ‘slight faith’ along with two fine regional poets, Susan Rich and Susan Landgraf, at Imprint Books, also in Port Townsend, owned and exquisitely run by Anna and Peter Quinn. I am so thankful and just can’t fully express what gracious hosts they are.  The audience was so engaged and people I’ve never met even bought my book! Of course we made our way to Elevated Ice Cream afterwards, where I had my favorite flavor, cardamom.

Port Townsend is only about 30 miles from my home and to be able to have such a kind reception for my book in my own backyard was beyond fabulous. ‘slight faith’ (MoonPath Press), just released, seems to have gotten a fine send-off. I hope it does well in this world-full of books.

Meanwhile, at home on Sunday morning, with the screen-door open, birds squawking and chirping, and some sunlight streaming (finally!), Bo is crying . . . . to go out. Poor guy has to mew at the door while I have coffee on the porch. green eyes

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1 Response to Sunday Morning Muse with a Weekend of ‘slight faith’

  1. onedressblog says:

    We were lucky to have you in town TWICE this week! Phil is a gem and knows another when he meets her. And YES, aren’t we lucky to have Anna and Peter and Imprint/Writer’s Workshoppe? Thanks for adding so much to our beautiful world!

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