Sunday Morning Muse on Monday with Bruise

I slipped in the tub on Saturday morning. I was in Seattle attending a 2-day medical meeting, and spent Friday night at a hotel. As I stepped into the tub for a shower, the bath mat slid out from underfoot, and I slid headfirst into the wall. I have a multicolored bruise at my forehead, that has leaked into the left eyelid. I’ve made two artsy photos of the stigmata so far. And wrote this poem. eye.jpg

A Slip

I was reminded sharply
of danger, of throbbing, of sudden
death. Here is a lavender bruise,
here, a tender egg-bump on my fore-
head. At sixteen, I ran smack
into a concrete wall, chased
down the hall by my brother.
Just kids then. I have worn the years
of depression from that skull dent
with aplomb. Today, it’s nausea
and vertigo. A concussion? Today
I have curtly become an old lady. One
who slips. One who slips in the shower.



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4 Responses to Sunday Morning Muse on Monday with Bruise

  1. Oh dear, Risa. That’s horrible. Head hits are never good, especially when we get older. There’s every chance you’ve got a concussion. Don’t overexert yourself, and if symptoms persist, see a doctor. I like the poem, though!

  2. Mark says:

    Ouch, take care there. Hotels can be dangerous; lobbies, pools, fountains, beds, balconies, elevators, hallways, staircases, housekeepers, managers, cooks… Thanks for the poem, it lifts me up somehow.

  3. Martha Rosen says:

    That’s an awfully good poem, Risa, but it could still be a concussion!

  4. charlotteash says:

    Ah, how the body betrays us in our older age. Although, this is more an accident anyone could have. Poem is perfect.

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