Sunday Morning Muse Without Rain

All day Saturday it was sunny on the Olympic Peninsula, right when we had almost forgotten what a sunny day could do for one’s spirits. And, to boot, a glimmer of dawn arrived around 7:00 AM. The air was cold, as is often the case in winter when several weeks of showers and rain are washed out by a cold front, but it was the sort of cold that feels like a harbinger of spring. If you know what I mean. Or maybe you’d have to live here to know.

This got me thinking of all the places I’ve lived and how each had its own stunning beauty, yet each so very different. The cold in Sequim is very different from the cold in New York City  or Tallahassee Florida. I always pay attention to how people drive so differently in different locations. Also, cuisine, slang, and all manner of manners, from “eyes down” on the NYC subway to the compulsory “hey” walking down the street in the South.  In rural Washington, everyone gossips and wants to know your business, while in Seattle, people are polite and coolly disinterested.

I’ve been struggling to figure out how to connect back with blogging, so I looked back at blogs I wrote 10 or so years ago. I’ll patch in a segment here, apropos of nothing in particular. And then I’ll sign off. For this Sunday.

Every day, I wonder if I’m making the best use of the time loaned to me for this life. And what to call this season? I am far from young, but I am not quite old. I still have to hold a job, and will likely have to work for more than another decade before I can “retire”. And though I love the work I do, I feel too exhausted to work this hard. Foolishly, I pray every day that I will still have my mind and my fingers when that time comes, as if I could forestall, much less count on, the writing that I plan to do in the next era of my life.  -9/15/07

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1 Response to Sunday Morning Muse Without Rain

  1. Mark and Miriam says:

    It’s raining hard here in New Yawk. It would be a big snowstorm if it were colder. Thinking of you..Mark and Miriam. Hugs and kisses….

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