Tuesday morning poem

Poems from Slight Faith, forthcoming from MoonPath Press in May!
Pre-orders profoundly appreciated! 

The Slightness of Faith

Having stumbled on faith,
I’ve learned how little it mollifies, how slapdash the veil
that seemed bountiful as the sky, how narrow the channel
once entered.

A moment submerged in faith,
and my attention scuttles back to its foxhole to shroud
what I’ve allowed too close. I’ve watched how hands at prayer
plead for tenure on earth.

Having stumbled on faith,
I’ve learned to speak in tongues. I’ve learned to bless and curse.
I’ve opened up my purse and slept in dens of whores. I’ve cried
and not known why.

Faith knows there is nothing
on the other side for certainty to dine on, no ode of ovation
or aroma of baking bread, no fond family reunions, only the fission
of all the familiar.

Faith will always be for sale,
and men of cloth have always lied.  No angel watches over me,
although I pray for one. My God, I lost my only son. Is my god
done with me?




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