30/30 Project

30/30 Project


I am one of 9 poets writing a poem-a-day in July for Tupelo Press. And you, my friends, are my beloved sponsors. I love Tupelo Press for it’s amazingly gorgeous books of poetry and the generosity of its founder, Jeffrey Levine. I realize there are many good causes, lots of fabulous poetry, and little money to spare. But anyone who sponsors me with a contribution of $18 or more will get a copy of my forthcoming book, “Mean Distance from the Sun”, or my chapbook, “what we owe each other”. Your choice. And a big smile from me. (And I don’t smile easy, let me assure you.) Or you can read my daily poems for free, if you don’t have any spare change. My gift to you, my loves. If you want to donate, be sure to include my name in the comments button, so I can thank you! Sorry to admit that I’ll probably be bugging you about this all month. And doing the thing I love doing most: writing poems.


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  1. Yay Risa! I will definitely sponsor you in this poetic venture! And since I’ve acquired several copies of your chap will wait on your full size. Looking forward to your 30 and your hard-to-come-by smile even more.

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