More poems!

Two poems at a brand new Journal, Ithaca Lit.

And a poem at This Literary Magazine.

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5 Responses to More poems!

  1. “Swimming Lessons” took me back to the Gulf & days swimming in warm water!
    Both poems brought the past alive.
    Thanks so much.

    “The boys are safe in beds, sleeping
    as fast as they grow.”

  2. Congratulations on these acceptances, and your other recent ones. Susan Culver at Lily has given so much to the poetry world for many years, and she’s very discerning. The Milfords at Scythe are hard to please, too. The Milford Poetry Radio Show is an amazing collection. Thank you for introducing me to these other journals as well.



  3. Congratulations! Wonderful work, as usual. I actually just sent work to THIS and often see Bill Yarrow, one of the editors, here in Chicago.

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