working again

Reporting that once again, I have part-time (per diem) work with Planned Parenthood. They formally rehired me today, and have already offered me 2 days of paid training this week and 9 additional clinic days this month. I will also be working in a private practice one day a week doing pain management, which should also begin sometime this month. This means I will probably be working 3-4 days/week and be able to pay my bills. This is a good compromise with my urgent desire to continue to focus on my writing. I feel very grateful at the moment, I had a lovely summer getting unemployment checks and spending only a small amount of my savings, and now I have work again, just as things were starting to look a little dicey.


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2 Responses to working again

  1. So, does this mean you can go ahead and apply for the Masters in Creative writing program?

    BTW – there is an incredible shortage of nurses for palliative home care when the families of hospice patients take their loved ones home.

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