Poems up!

I have a poem in YB and 2 in the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine. I’m thrilled to be included in both of these fine journals.

The theme for this issue of YB is Windows and it is lovely and thought-provoking with poems by J. Bradley, Jessie Carty, Brittney Corrigan, moi, Kathleen Kirk, Daniel Romo, Nic Sebastian, Elizabeth Kate Switaj, Troy Urquhart, Helen Vitoria, Megan Williams, and Melanie Moro-Huber. The YB journal is a creation of Rose Hunter with Sherry O’Keefe and John Riley co-editing this issue with her. And photos by Dorothee Lang.  I’m amazed and how hard poets work to publish others’ poetry and make it all look so gorgeous.

The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine is an electronic journal,  published on a rolling basis,

“in the hope to encourage dialogue among physicians, nurses, nurse-practitioners and physician-assistants, students, and all other health-care workers. In short, we foster humanism in medicine, however defined.”

It’s worth checking out, in these days when healthcare can feel so heartless.

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2 Responses to Poems up!

  1. Rose Hunter says:

    Thanks Risa! It’s so great to have you there! :)

  2. redmitten says:

    hey and wow and thanks. your work needs to get out and be felt, ya know? thanks for your kind words!

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