>Palliative Care Grand Rounds


OK you guys, any of you that read my blog: I’m doing Palliative Grand Rounds for August. See here for details. Send me those blogs that you think are remarkable, sharable, full of palliative care wisdom! Now! Do it now!

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2 Responses to >Palliative Care Grand Rounds

  1. >Have you seen Fran Johns' new blog? I just posted about it, but her latest entry is about a retired physician who has Lou Gehrig's disease and is discussing his thoughts on Death with Dignity in the context of his impending mortality. http://trueslant.com/franjohns/Also, the Children's Hospital of Boston has a new blog. http://childrenshospitalblog.org/Nothing strictly, end-of-life related, but some things on vaccines and ATV safety. You might be interested. I thought it was noteworthy because it was the first blog I'd seen from a children's hospital. But I don't exactly keep a library of such things. I'll send along anything else I find. Sorry I don't have more.

  2. >Jessica, Thanks for posting about the Children's Hospital Blog here, because it helped me out with making some business connections for my new company (KLX Media). I am trying to convince some local hospitals to start blogging so this really helped as a case study.

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