poems on-line

why I hate to cry, Moria

On the Second Night of Chanukah, Moria

How to be Sad, Agape Editions

How Two Trees Become a Forest, The Rumpus

The Hours, Autumn Sky Review

Ice Would Suffice at Poem-A-Day

Intuition, Autumn Sky Review

Again I Climb, Autumn Sky Review



Here are some older poems:

Yellow Star, at Lavender Review

Harlow’s Monkeys at YB

Ontogeny one, philogeny zero, at This Literary Magazine

Incidentaloma, Unspoken, and Chronic Sorrows, in Scythe

Swimming Lessons and The Most, in IthacaLit

Love is too dear a coin to spare in Lily

In the Wing-flap of a Fly in Lily

Surface Tension in Chimaera

Three-Part Breath in The American Journal of Nursing

Rummaging the Sacristy at Sein und Werden

I first saw cancer atYB.

Pain Scale at the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine.

Exoskeleton  at the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine.

Road Map, Discalced, Days are Snowflakes, and Shocked at Escape into Life

Two poems at Woodrat Podcast 34: Platonic Love @ Dave Bonta’s Via Negativa

Anhedonia and Forebear, at Soundzine.

Heist, Aging, and Aguesia, at Umbrella.

Second Wife, at Exercise Bowler. (scroll down to find)

Swallow This, at Sein und Werden.

Female Gynecologist’s Dream, at this- a literary zine.

Hours-to-days, at Touch- the Journal of Healing.

“Even the gorgeous chariots wear out” , at Touch- the Journal of Healing.

Arrhythmia and This is heartbreak, at Soundzine.

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