Reading Now

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Well Loved

Mean Free Path, Ben Lerner
Human Dark with Sugar, Brenda Shaughnessy
At the Bottom of the River, Jamaica Kincaid
The Gold Cell, Sharon Olds
Memoir of the Hawk, James Tate
What Love Comes To, Ruth Stone
Behind my Eyes, Li-Young Lee
What Other Choice, Jeremy Halinen
The Last Uncle, Linda Pastan
Selected Poems, Fernando Pessoa
Two Rooms, Constance Merritt
Equal to the Earth, Jee Leong Koh
Harping On, Carolyn Kizer
Sweet Machine, Mark Doty

Abide with me, Elizabeth Strout
The Solace of Leaving Early, Haven Kimmel

Knocked my socks off!

Iodine, Haven Kimmel
The Book of Salt, Monique Truong
Death with Interruptions, Jose Saramago
The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis, Lydia Davis
Stoner, John Williams
Elizabeth Costello, J.M. Coetzee
The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy
The Body Artist, Don DeLillo





2 Responses to favorites-of-mine

  1. Iodine is on my wish list. I gave up buying books for Lent. After Easter…well, probably the library!!

  2. Laurie Clemens says:

    I see you and I like many of the same poets, though we have different collections. I need more Olds, Lee Young Lee, have read lots of Jee at PFFA and his blog, but have yet to buy his books – need to rectify that! Also need to get some of Doty’s work and definitely Stone’s! Have not read any of the lit., although I recognize some of them. Thanks so much, Risa, I have lots to get me started, now!

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